20 December 2006

Remants of the Happy Bottom Riding Club


A large part of Pancho Barnes' guest ranch, the Happy Bottom Riding Club, burned to the ground in 1953. A short time later the property was seized by the U.S. Air Force, and it was absorbed into the limits of Edwards Air Force Base. What few people realize is that parts of the HBRC are still standing. The long hotel buildings, which survived the fire, were sold and moved to a location north of Edwards. Pancho's hangar was moved to El Mirage airport. The more permanent buildings at the HBRC were either bulldozed, or left to decay. Pictured here are some of the remnants of the ranch, as photographed during a recent visit by our documentary film crew.

Pancho's famous circular swimming pool, and the fountain she had built in the shape of the USAF insignia are also still standing.